Mr. Anandi Prasad Sah

A very warm welcome to DiGyan SkillTech. Here at DiGyan SkillTech, we pride ourselves on providing a complete learning experience to every students and an environment where each individual can thrive and develop desired skill. Education at DiGyan SkillTech prepares students and people to succeed in their lives. Every student is treated as an individual and encouraged to get skilled in field of his or her interest. We believe that every child has potential to excel. The proper guidance at right time really makes the difference.

High competition within a small group of students is never fruitful in the current era of global competition. We believe in collaborations instead of competition. Every child has its own infinite potential and unique combination of naturally gifted skills and innate abilities. We try to accurately access his/her potential and strengths and help them to be the best they can be. Therefore, every student should compare his or her progress only with their own abilities and capacities. Every single day should add something in the knowledge database. We provide proper guidance if the learning speed is slow but we never compare one’s progress with somebody else in the group which badly affect the student’s confidence. Our unique and structured learning methodologies help students to learn things at high pace.

Our strength is teaching methodology that is based on proper blending of information and communication technology with blackboard based traditional learning method. The course structure is designed in a way to give everything which is required for the proper career development of the child. We are also proving broad range of skill training. Every teacher is appointed meticulously. Subsequently, appointed teachers go through the rigorous training at our R&D center for bringing them up to our standard of teaching.

We also have great respect for discipline and ethics. We have modules on honesty, responsibility and citizenship. Every student trained by us will be an asset for the nation. They will apply their knowledge and thinking for betterment of the community.

Choosing a right place to learn is one of the most important decisions for parents and students; for this reason we hope this introduction gives an overview of our organization. We warmly invite you to visit us on open days or at any other time by appointment. I am sure you will see for yourselves how our learning environment will give spark in the career of every student. I look forward to welcoming you soon.


Dr. Sunil Kumar

DiGyan SkillTech is a successful venture by IIT Bombay graduates. Our centers throughout India provide quality education to K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th Grade) students along with skill training to needy students, working professional, job seekers and corporates. The idea was first validated at the Eureka 2012, Asia’s largest business plan competition where it was in semifinal. Subsequently, it was validated at many other places and education sector experts.

Learning is most productive in children before 25 years. Thinking capability/creativity is highest in this period. Teaching only the curriculum is not sufficient to encourage such creativity. As shown in the documentary “2 Million Minutes”, students from India and China spend most of their time in reading curriculum stuffs which is not the case in U.S.A. In spite of great subject knowledge, many students are not fit for the market. They are not skilled or confident enough to get employed. Technology plays a major role in rapid learning in current scenario and those who don’t get such exposure lag behind or take more time to learn same stuffs. Students are not able to explore things beyond curriculum. Industries demand their employees to be highly skilled in particular field along with multitasking abilities. Because of this, students are finding it hard to get employed.

We have a team who has exposure to learning environment in small and big cities in India. It includes schools/colleges/institutions in remote as well as metro cities. In other word, we have knowledge about teaching in small school and country’s best institutions. Our experience is that children are not aware of many opportunities and learning methods. In number of cases, parents cannot support their children as they are lagging in knowledge of new learning technologies. These things are required for proper career development. We help students to know about various opportunities available in different subjects. Our course consists of curriculum along skill training which evoke the creativity and innovation skills in the children. We will inoculate a passion for learning and getting skilled.

Keeping all these in mind, we decided to give best possible learning environment with focus on skill training to every possible student. Our learning resources have potential to make any child well educated and be the future leaders. Our skill training will help people to get better jobs.