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SkillTech is a special division of DiGyan for high end technical training to students, working professionals and job seekers and corporate clients. A skilled person is of greater value for any organization and it is foremost requirement for career development. Everybody should identify the skill set required for growth in their field and foster an attitude to acquire such skills. We have all the Skills and Technology you need. Our training is designed by a team of experienced, qualified & certified experts giving professional training to develop skills in specific fields/topics. We have collaborations with best institutions and domain experts for successful execution of SkillTech courses. These courses are type of vocational training. Each skill capsule is available in three levels namely, basic, intermediate and advanced.

The focus of DiGyan SkillTech divisions is on following areas.

  1. Soft skills: It includes training on software, hardware, internet, programming and web design. Software learning include Adobe packages (Professional, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects and Premiere), Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, Animation software (Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas and Maya), Matlab, Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer screen recording software (Camtasia, Snagit and Screenr), and Microsoft Office. Special training is also available for web designing (CSS and HTML), embedded technology, programming (Java, C, C++, Python and Perl.), making android applications, hacking and computer security. Training on computer hardware includes learning of installation of Microsoft OS and LINUX/Ubuntu. For people who are interested in writing blogs we have courses on online content management software like WordPress and eblogger.
  2. Languages: This include lectures on Indian and foreign languages.
  3. Biology and health: We have courses on introduction to biotechnology and health sciences. Everybody is concerned about their health. We arranged courses to explain various health issues which include diseases like cancer, jaundice, diabetics, obesity etc. We have modules on sex education. We also provide skill training to biotech companies. Training is available for basic biological instruments (FPLC, HPLC, PCR, Microarray, 2-D electrophoresis, MALDI TOF/TOF, SPR, EPR, NMR and Spectrometry) and techniques (like protein purification, drug delivery and animal handling). We also have modules on other biological areas like ethical clearance, clinical trials etc. We also provide facilities for analyzing data coming out of sophisticated instruments like HPLC, FPLC, SPR, EPR, NMR, MALDI TOF/TOF, electron microscope and X-Ray crystallography.
  4. Vocational training: We have many short vocational training courses. We also teach the way of earning money by outsourcing and freelancing. We support people who are interested in setting their own business by giving them basic training on entrepreneurship.
  5. Professional courses: This includes running courses like PGDCA, CCNA and MCSE.
  6. Hobbies based training: This training is for people who want to enhance their skills in their hobbies like dancing, performing art etc.

Note: Please inquire to get complete list of such capsules available at particular DiGyan Center. DiGyan is also open to start new “SkillTech Capsules” on request.

Specialized sections of SkillTech Division.

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Fee structure

Please feel free to contact us for professional training. Fees for students are Rs. 1000 per month and the classes are held on Saturday and Sunday.

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